Congratulations To Storm 14U Victoria Castillo Selected To Play In The “USA All-American Games”!!!!!!!!


Congratulations to Victoria Castillo, Salinas Storm’s very own has been selected to represent as a member of one of  the 24 12U USA Softball All-American teams.  This is a huge accomplishment and honor seeing as the top-notch players from all over the nation, in the 12U Division, have been hand selected to compete in a special competition the “USA Softball All- American Games”.
Victoria is 1 of 9 players to be selected from the entire Northern California area. This is going to be an exciting experience and amazing opportunity for Victoria and all the players involved.  The competition will be held at “Hall Of Fame Stadium” in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  This is the home of the Sooners and where the Softball “Collegiate World Series” takes place every year.  These kids will be competing on the same exact field where dreams come true and softball legends are made.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime!!!

Victoria Castillo has been a part of the Salinas Storm Family since starting with the 10U team 4 years ago, and is currently a member on the Storm 14U Plascencia team.  She has been a coaches dream and an amazing teammate since the day she stepped on the field.  She is and extremely talented hard working, knowledgeable, positive, determined, respectful, athletic, born leader, with extreme talent when it comes to the game of softball.  A common phrase from spectators when they watch Victoria play is that she make it look so easy.  What a lot of people don’t realize is the countless hours she spends outside of scheduled practice working on her swing, fielding, pitching and mental game.  She has put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get where she is and always has the outlook that she can get better and she does!!!  This kid has grit and is always determined not matter the circumstances and this is what drives her success.  She is also an amazing teammate.  She understands that the team as a whole is most important and she encourages, supports, and motivates her teamates.

This past Spring/Summer season of 2017 she put up some impressive numbers. She lead the team with a batting average of .391, had 21 stolen bases, and 77 put outs.  With an even more impressive batting average of .545 during the PGF National Tournament where her team placed 15th.

Victoria is in 8th grade and attends Bolsa Knolls Middle School.  She is passionate regarding academics and takes her education seriously.  She maintains a 4.0 GPA, is a member of the Leadership Council, and volunteers and participates in numerous school activities.

Victoria is a humble and modest person.  A person whom will always strive for excellence. Congratulations Victoria Castillo!!  Be proud of yourself and the work  you have put in to make it to this caliber of event.  We are proud of you and are supporting you this weekend as you compete; continuing to make your dream come true.  Stay in the moment of this amazing experience and have a blast.  We will see you when you return and look forward to hearing about your amazing experience!!!