When are tryouts?

Tryouts are held in early August for fall season and in mid-November for summer season.

Where do teams practice?

At the sports complex fields and the Storm House.

How often do teams practice?

Determined by field and coach availability, most of our teams practice twice during the week, and once on the weekend, when the team is not attending a tournament. It could be on Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs as well as a practice on a Saturday or Sunday. Some practices are simply an hour and a half hitting session in the Storm House, while other can go to 3+ hours for ages 12U and up. Pitchers are expected to practice on their own at least 4-5 times per week, outside of team practice.

What is the cost to play?

Spring season (January-August) is approximately $800-$1800

Fall season (September-November) is between $400-$1000

What does the cost include?

Uniforms, helmets, practice facilities, tournament entry fees, coaching fees.

Where is the Salinas Sports Complex and Storm House?

The Salinas Sports Complex is located at 1160 N. Main St., Salinas, CA, right by the California Rodeo Stadium, while the Storm House is 185 Maryal Drive, Salinas, CA, behind the DMV.

How often do teams travel?

During fall season, 14U and up travels to about 3-5 tournaments that would require spending at least one night in a hotel. 12U and under usually stay relatively local. During spring season, 12U and up travel to about 5-9 tournaments, varying from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Stockton to Huntington Beach and San Diego.

Are my Storm fees paying for hotel stays and food costs during tournaments?

No, your Storm dues cover only what is listed. Hotels, food, gas and other travel are the responsibility of the athlete and family.

Is my daughter guaranteed playing time?

At Storm, we keep our teams as small as possible to maximize the athletes opportunity to secure playing time. However, that being said, we are a highly competitive organization, playing at an elite national level, and playing time will be earned. The best and most consistent athletes will start, in an attempt to win each and every ball game. Please keep this in mind before making a commitment to a team.

Where can I get pitching, hitting and fielding lessons?

Contact Salinas Storm office at (831) 755-0640 for referrals and contact information.

How do I get my daughter started getting recruited by colleges?

Contact Salinas Storm office at (831) 755-0640 for referral to one of our recruiting coordinators.