The mission of the Salinas Storm Softball Organization is to create a positive, competitive, supportive learning environment; providing our athletes/teams the necessary foundation to maximize their physical, social, emotional,  and educational potential.  We are focused on building well rounded athletes, and not just well rounded softball players.

By providing a strong foundation and meeting our players needs as a whole mind, body and spirit our athletes will be prepared to compete at the collegiate level while achieving success throughout their life.

Philosophy & Vision

Our philosophy is to provide a positive learning environment and develop trusting relationships between players, coaches and the Organization, where relationships are built on respect.  Our goal is to select the best coaches who lead with integrity, honesty, respect, build confidence in the players, are knowledgeable about the game and place the well-being of the athlete before the win of the game.

We are committed to developing strong sport specific fundamentals, staying up to date on current softball strategies and techniques, strengthening the athletes physically and mentally, challenging our athletes on and off the field, providing top of the line equipment and top notch in/outdoor facilities.  We strive to surround ourselves with like minded athletes, coaches, players, parents and staff who implement strong core values of  integrity, respect, honesty, commitment, positive attitude and accountability.

We are committed to placing our teams in tournaments where they will face the highest level of competition in order for our athlete to gain experience  and confidence, preparing them for collegiate competition.  We believe that the by-product of focusing on these core values and fundamentals will lead to our goal of having one team from every age group participate in a National Event on a consistent basis.