“Weather the storm” is a phrase that has been around for hundreds of years and is a phrase that fully encompasses the game of softball physically and mentally. Weather the storm is an expression that means to continue to exist and not be harmed during a difficult period; to experience something and survive it. Everyone who has played or been around the game long enough can attest to the fact it takes grit, determination and willpower to get through and recover from individual slumps, multiple team losses in a row, a never ending inning, and tough outside life circumstances influencing play on the field. Any former or current player or coach would be lying if they said they have not experienced any of the situations listed above.

That being said, our organization has adopted this slogan, knowing full well your legacy as a player or coach lies in how well you can “weather the storm”. As a player you must seek to find your own calm and spread that peace through the rest of the team in a tough situation. Trust in your ability and have faith that your endless repetitions in practice will pay off and you can bring yourself and your team out of any slump. If you go into the box or into defense with the mindset that this play is going to change the course of the game in a positive manner, the likelihood of it happening is much greater than assuming the errors will continue or the slump will last the rest of your career.

Softball is a game of failure. It is a constant storm that you have to fight through to find five minutes of sunshine before it starts to pour again. This game is not for the light hearted. 7 out of 10 times, you will fail up to bat, and that is considered a GREAT average. Think about that for a second. You will be getting one hit, and then getting out 3 times in a row, possibly more, before you secure two more hits out of ten attempts. A great player learns how to cope with those multiple failures and focus on their next attempt because the past cannot be changed. This game is a war, and it will be the most brutal and long storm of your life, but nothing is more rewarding then weathering the storm for year after year and discovering your own talents, abilities and mental strength while battling through the rain and gloomy days.

This slogan applies to life outside of the field as well as between the chalked lines. Disputes and competition amongst teammates is a given in the world of travel ball. Ride out the bad times and accept each individual for who they are and respect their opinions. You do not have to agree with each opinion, but handle it in a courteous manner to maintain good team morale and closeness. How you respond to the bad weather is what people will remember you by in this life. Weather the storm with an eternal sunshine of your own and you will start seeing your successes as more successful and your failures as miniscule in comparison.
We invite you all to adopt this slogan, and use it not only on the softball field but in your daily life as well. No matter what life or softball throw at you, battle your way through the tough times and always WEATHER THE STORM.