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No photo neutral 50 Troy Sevaaetasi  Head Coach
No photo neutral 50 Chris Lemmon Assistant Coach
No photo neutral 50 Gabe Santos Assistant Coach
0 Img 3260 small Ariannah Vasquez C 2B/OF
00 Img 3266 small McKenna Campbell C 3B
1 Img 3254 small Sophia Mariottini RHP OF
3 No photo neutral 50 Eliana Hatchett    
6 Img 3261 small Celeste Camarena c 3b
7 No photo neutral 50 Jessica Cisneros    
10 No photo neutral 50 Gianna Calderon    
13 Img 3257 small Lisa Villanueva 3B 1B
15 Img 3279 small Katrina Manuofetoa C 3B
17 Img 3268 small Sydney Juarez SS 2B
18 No photo neutral 50 Johanna Alonzo    
21 Img 3269 small Maddie Green 3B OF
22 Img 3264 small Marley Panziera RHP SS
24 No photo neutral 50 Mak Domenighini    
26 Img 3278 small Gabby Machuca 2B OF
27 No photo neutral 50 Kylen Mingus    
33 No photo neutral 50 Mia Chambers    
80 Img 3256 small Jacqui McLean SS 2B
85 No photo neutral 50 Serena Colin

  • USA Fall Kickoff - 2nd Place
  • USA Fall Kickoff - 2nd Place
  • USA Swinging 4 A Cure - 2nd Place
  • USA Swinging 4 A Cure - 2nd Place
  • Colorado Sparkler 18U Open Champions

18U Spring/Summer Colorado Sparkler Open Champions


Congratulations Iris Bejarano Salinas High/18U Troy, Victoria Castillo Alvarez High/18U Troy, Ella Myers Monterey High/16U Jeff, Gia Roth Monterey High/16U Armento, Lisa Villanueva King City High/16U Armento

Salinas Storm would like to congratulate Monterey High School players and coaches on an amazing season.  They now  hold the title as Central Coast  Softball  Division II Champions, for the 1st time in the schools history.  The CCS win advanced them to the first every Nor Cal tournament where they continued their winning streak and were crowned CHAMPIONS of the Nor Cal Division IV after outscoring Dixon 5-1 in the title game.  We would also like to recognize the Storm players and coaches who were a part of the Monterey High Team- Coach Troy Sevaaetasi (18U Troy),  Mia Henson, Kat Manuofetoa, Gia Roth, Devina Lord (16U Armento), Ella Myers (16U Jeff)  and Taylor Page (14U Scott)  for your contributions to the Monterey High teams success and legendary season. We are very proud of you.